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Saturday March 2nd, 2019

Information below!

First, you may be asking "what is Bockfest?" Bockfest is held annually on the grounds of Schell's Brewery in New Ulm, Mn. It began originally as a feast to accompany Lent but has blossomed into an early spring must-do, fun festival. Thousands of festers gather to signal the upcoming spring months by enjoying Bock Beer, bratwursts, pretzels and the comradery of being with their friends, families and new found kinships. We at Mnbeerbus/Bockfestbus strive to keep people safe and alive, DUI-free and to provide an extremely fun day for all of it's riders. There is no need to plan hardly anything except the purchase of your seats. Let us take care of all the rest. Breakfast buffet provides the base for the day, buses provide safe travel and discounts save your wallets.

How to reserve a seat: Hit the button of the jump-off point you wish to use, either Mankato or the cities. Pick the number of seats you want and complete purchase procedure. Either use Paypal or select use credit or debit card below. You can print your receipt but you will be on bus list already- thank you! If you have a group of 6 or more, you can get a discounted bulk price, contact me at [email protected]


March 2nd 2019


Buses from Mankato

Buses range from school buses, party buses to possibly a luxury charter bus.  Buses leave Kato in two waves, at either 9:00 am or 10 am after breakfast. This year, we are trying something new- just buy a leave time, not a specific bus.

Wave 1 and 2 buses leave from New Ulm at 5 pm to return to Mankato. All riders will have discounts at select Mankato establishments. Wave 1 check in from 7:45 to 8:00 and leave about 9. Wave 2 checks in at 8:30 and leaves between 9:45 and 10am.

Wave 2 Party Bus will leave Schell's at 5pm and will hopefully drop off at downtown New Ulm bars until 7, then return to Mankato. They will have drink discounts at select New Ulm


We highly recommend pre-purchasing your Bockfest Entry tickets.

You can bring a small soft-sided cooler of beverages on the bus with you. No glass.

Breakdown of Mankato buses to choose from:

Wave 1 is all school buses that return to Mankato at 5.

Wave 2 is school buses returning at 5 also.

Wave 2 Party Bus go downtown New Ulm hopefully.

Bus from Twin Cities-to be determined

Only bus running this year. This trip starts at Monies Bar in Maple Plain. It is on the corner of Highway 12(394) and County Rd 19, very accessible. 

Begins at Monies with a breakfast buffet before boarding bus to New Ulm at 9am. Bus should arrive at Schell's about 10:30am. Bockfest opens gates at 10:30am. Festival ends at 4:30, so the bus will leave at 5pm and return to Monies about 6:30-7pm. Bus capacity is only 54. You can bring a small soft sided cooler of beverages on the bus with you. 

Important things to keep in mind:
1- Parking: Park your cars in the parking ramps next to the Pub 500. You cannot drink or open your own alcoholic beverages in the bars. They will allow you to have your unopened cooler in there while we wait for the buses. The bar will be open for business if you do want a drink.
2- Please make every attempt to keep buses cleanThis is why price went from $35 to $40 before. Tip your waiters and drivers- they are busting their butts to make your day stress-free.
3- Dress up, have fun. No one will make fun of you. You will be surprised how many are.
4- Buy a big mug, like the Bubba Keg. Beers in the past have cost 3 tickets. It takes about 2 1/2 beers to fill a Bubba Keg.
5- Don't stop at the first Ticket Booth, there is another one farther up with no one there. Lately, they have been selling a $20 pack of beer/food tickets at the gate area. It is much faster.
6- Must be 21 to enter. Make sure you bring your ID
7- Post your photos online on Facebook site.
8- Cash,  Unless something changes, there is one atm at Bockfest. 
9- DO NOT BE LATE! The bus WILL leave on the button and WILL leave at 5      

Have fun, stay warm, take pictures, and enjoy the best beer festival in Minnesota


It is best to stay close to the Pub 500 when taking the Mankato buses. This would include the Hilton and the Civic Center hotels. Otherwise, it is possible to have the bus drop you at other hotels upon return.  If you stay at River Hills Hotel, they will shuttle you to and from Pub 500 for free.

Do not delay because rooms fill up quickly especially with Bockfest, Verizon Center events and sports all happening at same time.

There are many places for beverages and dining. Some of our incredible friend's include Pub 500, Polito's Pizza, Pita Pit, and La Bamba. 

In New Ulm, we love to frequent the B&L Bar, and George's Fine Dining

Riders will have opportunity for discounts and other special deals solely for them when you ride Bockfestbus.com.

Costs you will incur when convicted of a DUI:
  • Bail
  • Fines
  • Court costs
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Insurance premium increases
  • Job loss or time off work

By the time all is said and done, the cost for a DUI/DWI in Minnesota can easily be up to $10,000 or more.

OR you can ride with us for 40-60 dollars. No designated drivers needed, no need to plan anything...

Below- check out directions to starting locations, and weather update.

500 South Front Street Mankato, mn
4820 Highway 12 maple Plain, Mn